Netbox.Netbox Release Notes




Major Changes

  • nb_inventory - Add dns_name option that adds dns_name to the host when True and device has a primary IP address. (#394)

  • nb_inventory - Add status as a group_by option. (398)

  • nb_inventory - Move around extracted_primary_ip to allow for config_context or custom_field to overwite. (#377)

  • nb_inventory - Services are now a list of integers due to NetBox 2.10 changes. (#396)

  • nb_lookup - Allow ID to be passed in and use .get instead of .filter. (#376)

  • nb_lookup - Allow api_endpoint and token to be found via env. (#391)

Minor Changes

  • nb_inventory - Added status as host_var. (359)

  • nb_inventory - Added documentation for using keyed_groups. (#361)

  • nb_inventory - Allow to use virtual chassis name instead of device name. (#383)

  • nb_lookup - Allow lookup of plugin endpoints. (#360)

  • nb_lookup - Documentation update to show Fully Qualified Collection Name (FQCN). (#355)

  • netbox_service - Add ports option for NetBox 2.10+ and convert port to ports if NetBox 2.9 or lower. (#396)

  • netbox_virtual_machine - Added comments option. (#380)

  • netbox_virtual_machine - Added local_context_data option. (#357)


  • Version checks were failing due to converting “2.10” to a float made it an integer of 2.1 which broke version related logic. (#396)

  • netbox_device_interface - Fixed copy pasta in documentation. (#371)

  • netbox_ip_address - Updated documentation to show that family option has been deprecated. (#388)

  • netbox_utils - Fixed typo for circuits.circuittermination searches. (#367)

  • netbox_utils - Skip all modifications to query_params when user_query_params is defined. (#389)

  • netbox_vlan - Fixed uniqueness for vlan searches to add group. (#386)

New Modules

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_tag - Creates or removes tags from Netbox


Minor Changes





Minor Changes





Minor Changes

Breaking Changes / Porting Guide

  • To pass in integers via Ansible Jinja filters for a key in data that requires querying an endpoint is now done by making it a dictionary with an id key. The previous behavior was to just pass in an integer and it was converted when normalizing the data, but some people may have names that are all integers and those were being converted erroneously so we made the decision to change the method to convert to an integer for the NetBox API.

      - name: Create device within NetBox with only required information
          netbox_token: 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567
            name: Test66
              id: "{{ some_jinja_variable }}"
            device_role: Core Switch
            site: Test Site
            status: Staged
          state: present
  • pynetbox changed to using requests.Session() to manage the HTTP session which broke passing in ssl_verify when building the NetBox API client. This PR makes pynetbox 5.0.4+ the new required version of pynetbox for the Ansible modules and lookup plugin. (


New Modules

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_cable - Create, update or delete cables within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_device_bay_template - Create, update or delete device bay templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_device_interface_template - Creates or removes interfaces on devices from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_virtual_chassis - Create, update or delete virtual chassis within Netbox


Minor Changes


New Modules

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_console_port - Create, update or delete console ports within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_console_port_template - Create, update or delete console port templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_console_server_port - Create, update or delete console server ports within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_console_server_port_template - Create, update or delete console server port templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_front_port - Create, update or delete front ports within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_front_port_template - Create, update or delete front port templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_feed - Create, update or delete power feeds within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_outlet - Create, update or delete power outlets within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_outlet_template - Create, update or delete power outlet templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_panel - Create, update or delete power panels within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_port - Create, update or delete power ports within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_power_port_template - Create, update or delete power port templates within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rear_port - Create, update or delete rear ports within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rear_port_template - Create, update or delete rear port templates within Netbox


Minor Changes



Minor Changes



Minor Changes

Breaking Changes / Porting Guide





Breaking Changes / Porting Guide

  • This version has a few breaking changes due to new namespace and collection name. I felt it necessary to change the name of the lookup plugin and inventory plugin just not to have a non descriptive namespace call to use them. Below is an example: netbox.netbox.netbox would be used for both inventory plugin and lookup plugin, but in different contexts so no collision will arise, but confusion will. I renamed the lookup plugin to nb_lookup so it will be used with the FQCN netbox.netbox.nb_lookup. The inventory plugin will now be called within an inventory file by netbox.netbox.nb_inventory





Minor Changes



Minor Changes




New Modules

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_service - Creates or removes service from Netbox








Breaking Changes / Porting Guide

New Modules

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_aggregate - Creates or removes aggregates from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_circuit - Create, update or delete circuits within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_circuit_termination - Create, update or delete circuit terminations within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_circuit_type - Create, update or delete circuit types within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_cluster - Create, update or delete clusters within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_cluster_group - Create, update or delete cluster groups within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_cluster_type - Create, update or delete cluster types within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_device_bay - Create, update or delete device bays within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_device_role - Create, update or delete devices roles within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_device_type - Create, update or delete device types within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_inventory_item - Creates or removes inventory items from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_ipam_role - Creates or removes ipam roles from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_manufacturer - Create or delete manufacturers within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_platform - Create or delete platforms within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_provider - Create, update or delete providers within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rack - Create, update or delete racks within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rack_group - Create, update or delete racks groups within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rack_role - Create, update or delete racks roles within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_region - Creates or removes regions from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_rir - Create, update or delete RIRs within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_tenant - Creates or removes tenants from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_tenant_group - Creates or removes tenant groups from Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_virtual_machine - Create, update or delete virtual_machines within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_vlan - Create, update or delete vlans within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_vlan_group - Create, update or delete vlans groups within Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_vm_interface - Creates or removes interfaces from virtual machines in Netbox

  • netbox.netbox.netbox_vrf - Create, update or delete vrfs within Netbox